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One home for you to enjoy both Outlaw Creatives podcasts!

The Culture of it All Podcast:

004 | The Intersection Of Diet, Hustle and Online Business Culture, Part 02

In this episode, we continue our exploration of the intersection of diet culture, hustle culture, and online business. We’l continue to explore the paradoxical nature of these cultures and how they can negatively impact mental health. I’m sharing some stories of my personal experience “growing up” in the online business culture, and feeling like I never fit in and wanting to be successful in my own venture.

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About the Culture of it All Podcast:

Your anti-diet sidekick and go-to resource as we explore what it really means to ditch diet culture whilst living life in a larger body. We’ll be sharing stories, busting diet culture myths, and breaking through the bullshit of the $72 billion diet industry.

Discussing topics such as anti-fatness, body liberation, body positivity, media representation, and intuitive eating. We will create a foundation for bodily autonomy, and take actionable steps to advocate for, and honour our own needs so that we can take up space, challenge weight stigma, and live a more confident, comfortable and joyful fat life!

The Entrepreneurial Outlaws Podcast:

Flip the Script on HR with Candice Elliott

Candice Elliott is joining us today to share her mission to flip the script on HR by helping impact-driven leaders thrive with their teams through HR best practices. So if you’re considering starting your own business or hiring a new team member, this episode is a perfect starting point.

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3 Lessons From Two Years of Podcasting

Hey Outlaws, as promised, we have a different episode for you today on the show because Entrepreneurial Outlaws turns TWO this month! Since starting Entrepreneurial Outlaws back in 2020, a lot has changed and in some ways nothing has changed.

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About Entrepreneurial Outlaws Podcast:

Entrepreneurial Outlaws is a podcast paving the way for the creatives, introverts, empaths, and spiritual folks who are tired of being taught the same old business and marketing strategies that just don’t work for them. We’re ready to share the REAL stories behind what it takes to run a sustainable online business from me, Melanie Knights, a Storyteller, Content Alchemist and Pinterest strategist for creative entrepreneurs and small e-commerce brands. Tune each week to learn how to create intention behind your content marketing so you can sell… without selling out.