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Are you ready to see inclusive, fat positive and diverse bodies in stationery?


Helping overwhelmed and burned out creative entrepreneurs ditch diet & hustle culture using stationery, journaling and intuitive led planning.

Art, Stationery, and Books for entrepreneurs who ‘zig’ when others ‘zag’.

I’m here for the value driven folks in online business. The ones who have struggled to find their own rhythm in a world of ‘one size fits all’ strategies and icky bro marketing tactics. You’ll find journals and planners that meet you at the intersection of strategy, spirituality and self inquiry, alongside diverse and representational artwork.

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Planning By The Moon is no ordinary business planner.

It’s where planning and journaling align.

Supported by the energy of the moon and guided by your uniquely honed intuition, prepare to approach the moments you spend reflecting, writing and planning differently. Through these pages, we’ll meet at the entrepreneurial intersection of strategy, spirituality and self inquiry. We will explore embracing a slower pace in your business, quieten your thoughts, still your racing mind of its never ending projects, tasks and to-do lists.

Image of Indigo coloured book with stars and moon overlay and words which read Planning By The Moon

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