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inclusive, FAT POSITIVE, & DIVERSE stationery shop

From badass fat gurl stickers, to intuitive business planners and journals to help you express yourself and do business your way.

Art, Stationery, and Books for the entrepreneurs who ‘zig’ when others ‘zag’.

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We’ve spent way to long trying to make ourselves smaller, physically and emotionally. We’ve dimmed our lights, played small and kept quiet in order to make other people feel comfortable.

My work is designed to shake shit up in the online business space, I lovingly challenge you and help you see what is waiting for you.

You are SO fucking powerful, and it’s time to reclaim our power and turn that dimmer all the way up!

Darling Outlaw, take the next step — you’re already facing the right way

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Hey there, I’m Melanie [she/her]

A multi passionate entrepreneur aka I have a lot of interests and I cannot fit myself into one thing. I’m an Artist, Storyteller, Podcast Host, and Slow Business Mentor…

Most days you’ll find me working from my home office. Rocking dungarees and a concert tee, country music or true crime playing in the background, the faint smell of incense and coffee in the air. Surrounded by crystals, stationery, houseplants, mystery books and my guitar.

With a passion for storytelling and journaling, I self published my first book, The Outlaw Journal in early 2021, and my signature planner; Planning By The Moon, followed later that year.

Listening to my intuition and community, I started sharing more of my art and in 2022 we opened our online shop selling fat positive art and intuitive journals and planners for entrepreneurs.

Image of Melanie, she is standing wearing denim dungarees and leaning towards the camera smiling

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Meet the team ✨

Let’s be honest, I don’t do this alone…

Meet Julie [she/her]

Image of Julie, her chin is resting in her hand and she is smiling into the camera.

Julie is the owner of Gardenia Virtual Assisting where her focus is on helping her client’s businesses bloom. She is passionate about helping her clients make more time for things they enjoy by taking the tedious work off of their plates. She loves data, research, and organization so virtual assisting is her “happy place”.

In addition to her business, Julie spends a lot of time volunteering at her daughters’ school as PTO Board Secretary. She loves reading, traveling, and spending time with her family, which includes her husband, two daughters, and two dogs.

Meet Sky [she/her]

Image of Sky Stover wearing glasses, smiling into the camera

Sky Stover is a web designer who specializes in helping women business owners tell their stories online in a way that is both beautiful and results-driven. What sets her apart are her affordable $50/mo membership programs where she helps her clients on an ongoing basis to unchain themselves from boring and complicated website tasks – so that they can do what it is they love most in their businesses.

Learn more about Sky’s membership.

Fat Gurl Sticker Sheets

Fat positive and inclusive sticker sheets for your journal, planners and creative projects. Each sticker sheet is themed, and includes one of our Fat Gurls alongside themed accessories.

You don’t need to have all your shit together to be wildly successful, in fact your success is unconditional – it just is.

I believe that with the right tools and resources we can focus on what we NEED at any given moment, and let our intuition guide us along this entrepreneurial journey.

We are cyclical, and by learning to optimise and honour your energy we can make faster business decisions and reduce overthinking. Because, overthinking is a feminist issue. You can use my journals and planners alongside existing practices, they are designed to support and encourage you along this journey. My art and stickers were created to be functional and inspiring, allow them to inspire your journal spreads, decorate your planner, or send to your biz buddies!!