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Reads for Pleasure Vinyl Sticker


Introducing our “Reads for Pleasure” Vinyl Sticker – the perfect accessory for avid spicy romance readers and fellow BookTok enthusiasts!

Are you someone who can’t resist the allure of a well-crafted romance novel, where love blossoms amidst our favourite tropes like enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and the charming grumpy sunshine? If so, this sticker is perfect for you.

Our “Reads for Pleasure” sticker showcases a captivating image of deep, ruby-red, and irresistibly bitten lips, symbolising the feeling we get when our morally grey MMC asks “Who did this to you?” or when that slow burn finally gets to the good part… [winky face]

This vinyl sticker is not just any sticker; it’s a statement piece, a declaration of your love for contemporary romance and its many sub genres. It’s the perfect addition to your beloved Kindle, bringing a touch of romance to your reading experience. Or, adorn your reading journal with this sultry design, infusing your writing with a bit of the magic found in the pages of your favourite books.

Let your love for romance novels shine with the “Reads for Pleasure” Vinyl Sticker – a symbol of your passion for storytelling and the heartwarming, breathtaking moments only found in the world of romance literature.

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Material: Waterproof Vinyl

Finish: Gloss

Adhesive: Permanent

Size: 60mmx 45mm

Printed in the UK on fully waterproof vinyl, meaning they can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.