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Welcome to the newest episode of Entrepreneurial Outlaws! Today I want to introduce our newest series – planning by the moon.

When we plan our businesses using the lunar cycle there is an amazing intersection of spirituality, self-inquiry, and planning.

Since I’ve been using the moon to help me to plan, I feel empowered and more aligned with my work. So I want to start today off by sharing how I plan under the new moon, and next week we’ll dive into the full moon.

Grab your Planning by the Moon planner if you have it and dig in with me!

Topics discussed in episode #63

Topics Discussed:

  • An update on how Melanie is currently feeling about the podcast and how its performing as a whole 
  • How to use the lunar cycle to not only plan your business but also buck the status quo 
  • How to make sure you’re always in alignment with the things you actually want to be working on 
  • What to focus on under the new moon as it’s more of a strategic phase, but giving yourself the freedom for flexibility
  • Good questions you can ask yourself to gauge how in alignment you are with your work 
  • Why it may be okay to stay in your comfort zone 
  • Breaking the myth of manifestation and what to focus on instead


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*This is a raw and unedited transcript.

Melanie Knights ( 00:03 ):

Hey Outlaws. Welcome it to episode number 63. I wanted to take a moment to start this episode off by saying that I’m always kind of checking in and aware of how the podcast is doing. Of course, like anything in our business. We tend to look at some data every once in a while. And every week I receive a report and it tells me how many people have been downloading the show. And at some point last year I in my head was like, we’ve gotta increase the visibility of the podcast. And then I stopped. And I recognized that actually, I wasn’t really that bothered. I, not that I’m not bothered, but I know that the podcast reaches the people who need it. I know that if you’re listening to this episode, it’s because you have a connection to what I do talk about. You enjoy the transparency and the honesty and the real conversations.

Melanie Knights ( 01:07 ):

And I had a number of people over the last few weeks, and last couple of months really share that with me. And it’s been really eyeopening because it can be really easy to fall into the routine of creating a episodes, coming up with ideas, sitting down, recording them, having conversations with my team and putting these episodes out and forgetting that every single time we air an episode, even if 10 people were to listen, that’s 10 people, 10 people who are taking time out of their day to put their earbuds in, to find the latest, latest episode. And listen to me talking to you. So, first of all, hi, second of all, thank you so much. And over the last few weeks, we have seen quite an increase in our listenership, and I’m not sure whether that’s a me thing or a you thing or a combin, but either way, I wanna take a moment to thank every single one of you listening, because without you, this show wouldn’t exist without each of you listening in without each of you really advocating for your own voices and telling me the kind of that you are fed up with in the online space.

Melanie Knights ( 02:21 ):

This show wouldn’t exist because this show existed or was built off of these conversations that we have been having over the last couple of years, it started all over on Instagram. Really during that first lockdown, we connected over things that we were tired of seeing in the online space. And over time we add for our own voices. We created this podcast and now we get to have these conversations on a weekly basis. And I absolutely love being able to sit down and talk with you and have these conversations. And honestly, when I press record, I feel like I’m just chatting with you. So I just wanted to take a moment and thank you because as I said, I don’t know whether this increase in listenership is from me, from you, from both of us, but either way, thank you. If you are sharing this show with friends and in groups, I, you, I love the fact that you’re sharing something that means so much to me.

Melanie Knights ( 03:24 ):

And I appreciate you speaking up and advocating for this. And I also really love the fact that you’re getting something from it. And that’s so important because I’m a big believer in really acknowledging what we from our, from our businesses and from everything we invest our resources into. So the fact that you’re investing your time and energy into listening to this show means so much. So thank you. Now you may have noticed, and you probably didn’t, but I’m still gonna acknowledge it because it brings me nicely into today’s episode. <Laugh> well, last week we played a little bit of a switch AOO and I wanna talk about why. So last week you got to listening to our guest episode for this month and what a guest she was. I sat down with joy from joy, knows how, and we talked all about being a multi passionate.

Melanie Knights ( 04:16 ):

And honestly, when I recorded that episode with her afterwards, I just was, I was in such an introspective mood because I really wanted to focus on choosing me and what that meant for me. And I really feel like that came up a lot in my journaling over the last few weeks after that conversation with her. So if you feel the same, first of all, please tell her, let her know how much you love the episode, but also, you know, really journal on that. Maybe go back and listen to it again, have a look at the show notes, take a look at the the transcript, if you want to, and, you know, use that as an opportunity to really talk, think about the ways in which you could choose yourself instead of choosing a niche and the ways in which we discussed that. And the reason we did this switch is because my energy was like nonexistent.

Melanie Knights ( 05:13 ):

I mean, I, I couldn’t put my finger on it. I couldn’t work out. I was like, is it because I had a few days off for my birthday? I don’t know, but my energy was super duper low and we needed to get an episode out. So we moved our guest episode forward, but I was left feeling kind of crappy. Let’s just be honest. I, I hate having to move things around. I hate that my team ended up having to kind of rush to put something together and that I was the bald neck in that process. And the reason I’m sharing this is because you guys know, I love some transparency and I always want to share with you things I’m experiencing and the process that I might follow to help me kind of find my way back. So I absolutely love recording this show. I love sitting down and chatting with you, and I really wanted to talk about so many different things, but it was at the point where I could not figure out what to talk about fast.

Melanie Knights ( 06:14 ):

And I had already had an idea of what I wanted to focus on this month. And so for February, our theme is planning by the moon. You may or may not know that I published. Self-Published a planner at the end of 2021 called planning by the moon. And it’s an undated three month planner. And it combines strategy with spirituality and self inquiry. It’s like this wonderful hybrid of journaling and planning. It really allows you to focus on some strategic aspects of your business so that you can look at content planning and how to create a content plan for your business. But it also calls you to be creative, encourages you to journal even just during the new moon and full moon. And I share with you prompts and ways in which you can get started. And I wanted to focus this month on talking about the ways in which we can use the moon to help us kind of come back to ourselves because planning by the moon is deeply intuitive. It really encourag us encourages us to listen to ourselves. And I realized that I wasn’t doing that when I was getting all flustered about the fact that we didn’t have an episode ready. I was not listening to my intuition. I was focusing on why I should do, or I was focusing on maybe what everyone else might expect of me. And I’m really not here for that anymore.

Melanie Knights ( 08:16 ):

So this month we are going to be really digging into the Luna cycle and look looking at how we can use the moon and how we can use these resources that are already around us, these cycles, in which we are already a part of how we can use those to help us plan our businesses and how we can also use them to help us intuitively. And when we want to journal and be really introspective of, and focus on being curious, rather than judgemental or shaming ourselves into doing something in our business, which used to be my, my go-to. So when I talk about the moon and the lunar cycle, I do try to keep it as simple as possible. There are eight phases of the moon cycle, but I tend to focus on just four phases because I think that it’s a little bit easier for us.

Melanie Knights ( 09:08 ):

It’s even easier for me just to look at those four phases overall. So last week on February 1st, we had a new moon and that is the first phase of the lunar cycle. The first phase of the lunar cycle is when the moon is at its darkest. She represents new beginnings and is a time for saying your intentions. And so every month I host a new moon circle and there we use that energy of both the new moon, but also the sign that it in. So last week was my new moon in Aquarius. I am an Aquarius. I love being Aquarius. If you fill on me on Instagram, you know that I’ve always sharing about that. But the, we use the energy of both the, the sign and that new moon to help us really cool forward what we want to focus on over the coming weeks in this cycle.

Melanie Knights ( 09:55 ):

Or, and so your energy may be lower during that phase, but it’s really important to recognize that this is not something written in stone, right? The new moon energy can be lower and that could impact you, but you may also have other cycles that you are focusing on and you are looking at in your life. So if you are somebody that menstruates your menstrual, so cycle and the cycle phase that you are in will help also impact that. We can’t just say that your energy will be low, just because it’s a new moon. Maybe you feel low, maybe you feel different. Maybe there’s a different energy coming through for you. So always keep that in mind. Okay.

Melanie Knights ( 10:34 ):

But the new moon is a really wonderful time to be you working on your business. So during that phase, looking at strategic tasks, looking at research planning, what do you want to do? And typically, because that, I mean happens to be at the beginning of month. That’s when people typically do those things anyway. But of course, understanding that the lunar cycle is around any nine and a half days, usually on the Gregorian calendar means that it won’t always fall at the very beginning of a month. But right now the specific phase that we are in is if you’re listening to this in real time, is waxing, Gibb us now to generalize it, we’ll just call it the first quarter. This is time between the new and full moon. So it means the moon is going from dark to light. Now this is a time to really take action on anything you’ve already planned out.

Melanie Knights ( 11:28 ):

This is a time to pay attention to your energy and refine anything that feels out of alignment. So if you may aid some really big goals at the end of last month, or if you laid out some new intentions under that new moon and you have been working away on them now is the time to just pause and just make sure that the things you are working on are the things that you set out. We have a really good or bad, depending on which way you wanna look at it. We have a really good habit, bad habit of changing our minds very quickly. We can get distracted so easily by what other people are doing in the online space. And that can sometimes derail us away from the thing we said we wanted to do, right? My hand is raised right now because this is something that I used to have.

Melanie Knights ( 12:19 ):

This is something I repeated all the time in my business. I would say, I want to focus on, let’s say growing my email list. And I would figure out all the reasons I was gonna do this. And I would plan it out and I would write it down, would really, really get into it. And then like a week later, I would see somebody talk about something else. And I would just shift, I would switch strategy. I would switch task. I would switch all the different ways of working because I didn’t trust my intuition. And this is why really using the Luna cycle in our business is a wonderfully, a wonderfully intuitive resource. It’s something that we can do, something we can use. It’s something that’s always available to us and we can use it to come back to ourselves. If we have these ways of working, we have these prompts and we get used to recognizing which phase of the moon we are currently in.

Melanie Knights ( 13:16 ):

We’re able to come back to that and remind ourselves that right now, now is the time to pay attention. Now is the time to just check in with ourselves and say, okay, where is my energy? Do I need to refine anything that fills out of alignment? Right? I am. I, am I still working towards the intentions that I laid out a week or so ago? Have I suddenly been distracted? Is there a reason why I’m not? And it’s okay if there’s a real reason why you can’t work on that right now, pause. That’s cool. But also recognizing that, bringing it to the forefront is so on for our energy. It’s really important for our own self talk as well, because otherwise we could easily look back and say, well, you didn’t do what you said you were gonna do, but if you have a reason for not doing it cool.

Melanie Knights ( 14:08 ):

And if it’s because you got distracted, cool, take a moment and get back into alignment with what you wanted to be working on. And this is exactly <laugh> coincidentally, this is exactly what was happening for me. I am in the middle as I’m recording this, I’m in the middle of my small business now mail launch. And I have been working on that. I’ve been sharing about it and talking about it. And it’s been this really enjoyable process says when we have people inside the community. And I wouldn’t normally launch something in January, you’ve heard me talk about this before. I don’t typically do a launch this early in the year, but I did it. It was, it felt really easy. It felt really inflow, but by the end of January, I was exhausted and it’s no surprise that I could not get an episode. I could not put together the words that I needed to share.

Melanie Knights ( 15:05 ):

And so for me, I called on that energy to check in with myself and say, you know, you have been working really at max capacity. You have been putting in your time and energy and creativity into this really amazing thing. Now is the time to just step back, pause, reflect, and get back into alignment. And that is why we’re doing this episode today, because this is who I had planned, but I wanted to really bring that transparency forward. I really wanted to have that honest conversation with you and give you an example of how I can use and how you can use the energy of the moon to bring you back to what you’re working on, to help you strengthen that, how you can really listen to yourself because using the moon to plan your business is powerfully intuitive. Because even when the moon is cloaked in darkness, just like it was last week, you know, it’s out there right during that new moon, the moon is dark, but you know, it’s there, you know, it’s coming back and each F phase of the moon offers certain energies and it reminds us of how we can come back to ourselves, how we can integrate that energy into our business, into our content, planning into our creative process, recognizing when we want to and need to rest.

Melanie Knights ( 16:31 ):

And recogniz when and when, and when we want to and need to create. So during this first quarter moon, as the moon heads, towards its fullness towards its brightest point, and that midway point of the cycle now is the time to really focus on completing any planning and strategic tasks, tasks, sorry, and adding creative tasks into your business. So if you are feeling really pulled to being more creative right now, that’s absolutely okay. And this is one of the things that we can really allow when we’re building those slow businesses. We talked about slow business last month is recognizing that there are times when we want to do something different. And I think that’s really hard as entrepreneurs because we are often so busy and we have, if you have other responsibilities besides your business, that require you to put a lot of time and energy and even resources into someone else or something else, it can be really difficult for us to remember that we are humans.

Melanie Knights ( 17:39 ):

And so however much we might plan our schedule and however much we might plan our business or our content, we might wanna change our mind. And I’ve talked about this on the show before as well. And I’m an advocate for us, practicing, changing our mind, acknowledging it, allowing it to be okay, and recognizing that it’s not a problem, but we’ve kind of been taught that changing your mind in online business means you are flaky, that people don’t trust you. And from my own experience, I would say that’s just not true. I think it’s very honest. I think it allows it welcomes or gives permission to other people to also do the same. I mean, changing our mind is something that is absolutely okay. And what we’re able to do is really allow ourselves to shift between the is ways of working shift between STR strategy and creativity and shift between rest and work.

Melanie Knights ( 18:37 ):

And you get to decide what that looks like for you. And this is something that I’ve been playing around with in my own business, especially in the last couple of weeks is how do I want that to look, do I, I want to take regular breaks throughout the day because I have, for a long time, typically taken a longer break in the morning, started work later. So around maybe 10 30 or 11:00 AM, and then worked just all the way through, but maybe that’s not the way I need to work right out. Maybe that’s something that I can shift so that it works better for my business and for my own energy. Maybe I wanna take regular breaks. Maybe I wanna work for an hour, almost like a, a variation of the Pandora technique, right? The Pura technique is where you would work for 25 minutes.

Melanie Knights ( 19:28 ):

And then you take a five minute break and you can work for another 25 minutes. That’s how you kind of start off in that technique. And then you can build it. So you might work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break and so on. And so that’s a very strategic way of working and absolutely it works for so many people. You can also do it in just longer periods of time. There are people in know who will work for say an hour and a half and then take a break. But again, if you are someone who wants to cool on that way of working, but have it feel much more nourishing, you can just recognize that you could focus on a certain task and then take a break and you can obviously decide what you’re gonna do in that break. Whether you maybe gonna be create, go for a walk.

Melanie Knights ( 20:13 ):

I don’t know, go put some laundry on whatever it is that you have to do during your day. You can see what I’ve been doing this morning. So the point of this is to help you recognize that there is energy available to us that the moon is a way of coming to that powerfully, intuitive voice, that voice that asks us to consider our own needs. That asks us to really lean in to the energy or the, the, the level of energy that we have in that given moment, in that given day or phase of our month, week, year, whatever it might be, you know, right now we are in February, and this is the last, the last month of Winston. Now I know for some of you listening <laugh> to may drag on. I understand that, but typically February is the last month of winter and we then head into spring.

Melanie Knights ( 21:14 ):

And with that, it can bring new shifts in our energy, as well as the clocks change. As we start to see more sunshine, we start to see more life. The days will get slightly longer. We will start to shift in the ways in which we work. And again, recognizing that is so powerful. And at the end of this month that we are gonna do an episode where I’m gonna actually plan for spring with you. So we’re going to really look at how we can start to plan our businesses for the coming season. So that will be coming in a couple of weeks. But for now, I want to remind you that the phase that we’re in right now, the time of recording this episode, or the time of listening is this first quarter of the moon. And it’s a time to take action. So you may have higher energy where we typically have higher energy as we build up towards the full moon, which is happening next week on the 16th of February.

Melanie Knights ( 22:13 ):

And during that phase, it’s a really wonderful time just to look back at the last week or so, the last 10 days take stock. Are you working in alignment with the things that you want to be working on? Are you working in an alignment with your intentions and goals that you laid out for yourself? If not be honest with why there shame is not welcome here, right? It’s, I’ve talked about this before. There is no need for shame. Let’s be curious. Let’s look at why we are not in alignment. Let’s ask ourselves really great, really great questions. Like, why am I not an alignment? What is impacting my time and my resources right now, you know, is this temporary? Am I sabotaging myself? Right? Are we, are we working on something that’s really big and scary? Cuz this happens for me a lot. I’m working on something big and scary and are, you know, just kind of inward and I’ll ignore it.

Melanie Knights ( 23:12 ):

I’m like, no, that’s, that’s big. That’s scary. We’re gonna put that down. And I’m just gonna stay over here where it’s safe and comfortable. How can we welcome that into our comfort zone rather than stepping outside of our comfort zone? I think that’s a really powerful question to ask yourself, you’re working on something that is big and scary, something that is maybe outside of your comfort zone. How can you expand your comfort zone? Welcome it in rather than having to step outside. Because honestly I know there is all this talk about how nothing ever happens in our comfort zone. A lot of goes down in my comfort zone and I’m, I’m okay with that. I’m like pretty proud of how much I can work in spite my comfort zone. And I think that even now two years into this pandemic, I think it’s okay if we stay in our comfort zone, I’m just gonna put that out there because I am not available.

Melanie Knights ( 24:02 ):

<Laugh> for to happen. I don’t want any happening inside my comfort zone and I don’t particularly wanna step outside of it. So I’m okay with expanding the walls, the boundaries. I kind of always imagine it to be this fluid thing that’s moving around me. And sometimes I might, you know, welcome something in and be like, mm, no, not right now. But sometimes you might welcome something into your comfort zone that actually you can manage in a way, in a really intuitive way, a really safe way, a comforting way. So it doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Scary. It doesn’t have to make you hustle, right? There are ways of that we can call upon and I guarantee you already know the answer, right? You already know the answer. You already know the way of working. It may not be clear right now. It may not be really obvious, but somewhere you already know the way of working.

Melanie Knights ( 25:02 ):

One of the things that I’m gonna just mention before we finish up episode, I have a really bad habit of saying, I don’t know, and this is personal. I have this really. I, I hear myself saying, I get annoyed. I’m like, oh seriously, you again, like I’m tired of your. I will say, I don’t know. Especially when it comes to my business, I often talk about not knowing, not knowing what’s next, not knowing how I’m gonna do something, not knowing how I’m gonna achieve that goal, not knowing how I’m going to create something. And you may remember at the end of last year, if you’ve been listening since then, I talked about some big steps. I wanna take ache in my business and how I want to really evolve my publishing and creativity side of my business. That’s really where my focus and energy is.

Melanie Knights ( 25:57 ):

I want to, if I can spend all my time creating penal letters, publishing books, recording TikTok, or short form videos, I’d be a happy girl. Like this is just really how I wanna spend my time. And that is something that is on my vision board. I’m looking at my vision board right now. It’s all over my vision board. There is snail mail. Ooh. I’m just like damaging my desk. There is snail mail on there. There is a typewriter you may have seen, I got a typewriter it for my birthday. So that’s already cool. There are so many stationary related things on there because I really wanna cool that forward.

Melanie Knights ( 26:39 ):

But I also have a really bad habit of saying, I don’t know how that’s gonna happen. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s next. I don’t know how I’m gonna do that. And the reason I’m saying this is the reason I’m telling you is because I do know somewhere, I already know somewhere. There is a version of me that already has done this. If I really wanna call it forward, if it’s, if it’s on my heart, which it is, it’s something that I really want to do. It’s not that I don’t know how to do it. It’s not that I don’t know what’s gonna happen next. Or when it’s the, it’s not, it’s not obvious right now. And this is a conversation I’ve been having with myself in my journal. <Affirmative> what kind of phrases or ways. And can I change this from, I don’t know to, I’m not clear on it yet.

Melanie Knights ( 27:31 ):

It’s, it’s not obvious to me yet. I’m I know, but I’m not ready to, to recognize how it’s gonna happen. Because if we think about the way we work at as a collaboration between ourselves and the universe, we know that what we really want, those things that are on our hearts, those things that we really wanna work towards, those opportunities that we seek out, we manifest them. Cuz manifestation is not some, it’s just some wooy thing where we’re gonna sit on a beach, drinking a Dary and oh. Like I just made a million dollars. It doesn’t work like that. And I really wish I really wish these gurus and experts would stop with the and stop claiming that this is how manifestation works. It doesn’t it require why is action? And so when we shift from manifesting our intentions, working towards our girls, when we shift from it’s just gonna happen.

Melanie Knights ( 28:36 ):

If we do nothing and just sit around, talking about it and wishing about it when we shift from that to, well, if this is something I really wanna work towards, what practical steps can I take? Right? What practical steps can I take during this cycle? What practical steps can I take during this season? We are far more likely to a manifest the out of what we want B learn along the way. And sometimes when that happens, we then recognize that, oh, we don’t actually want this. Or we want a different version of it. C we find there’s some, could we find there’s something even better that we didn’t know of. It existed something we didn’t even know we wanted, which is what I learned a lot last year in 2021, a lot of am I set out with this plan, I set out to create a seasonal planner. I was like, I am gonna create four planners every year. It’s gonna be seasonal. It’s gonna be beautiful. Let’s start with the season of autumn because it’s my favorite.

Melanie Knights ( 29:40 ):

And then gradually over time, I recognize that, oh, that’s, that’s not what we want. Oh, there’s this other thing that we could create planning by the moon that is far more aligned with where I’m heading in my business, planning by the moon was born from that. But it was because I took those practical steps. So I knew that I wanted to create a planner. I’ve wanted to create a planner for years, but the practical steps were to get started. It wasn’t perfect for me to use the first iteration of that planner, which I did throughout the autumn and recognizing very quickly that actually what both you all wanted and what I really wanted that was on my heart. But I was terrified was to create a moon planner and I was nervous and I felt really uncomfortable doing that initially. But the, the, the thing that changed with my comfort so own because planning by the moon was way outside of my comfort zone.

Melanie Knights ( 30:46 ):

It was over, I’m using my hands and you can’t see this, but it was way over. <Laugh> outside of my comfort zone because embracing that spiritual and witchy side of myself is still a process. She’s been there since I was like 15, but because I had like a decade where I completely disconnected from that, it’s still growing and evolving. So instead of me stepping out of my comfort zone and just going, it, I’m gonna create this thing, which would’ve been really scary. I expanded my comfort zone. I created the version that felt, which was an autumn planner, welcomed other people in. And those people said to me, but have you thought about creating this? We really loved this part. And when the feedback was unanimous, that was when it became clear to me that I was as dis I was doing as a service to myself, to my passions, to everybody else around me, by not creating that thing.

Melanie Knights ( 31:52 ):

And so we can be curious about where we are in the week, in the day in the season. We can be curious about that. We can be curious about the cycle that we, we are in recognizing that they are cycles. It doesn’t have to be permanent recognizing that we can test things, test it, see whether it works when it comes to your schedule, when it comes to the ways of working, it doesn’t have to be permanent. You do not have to choose one thing and focus on that for the rest of time. I always joke with friends who I kind of started out in online business with many years ago. And I’m like, do you remember when we were kind of, we were told, or we were gonna start this business. And this was like the thing that we were gonna do with the rest of our lives.

Melanie Knights ( 32:48 ):

And I’ve probably had three versions of my business in the last couple of years, let alone, since I started. And I just think it’s so unreal because we are human beings who evolve now more than ever we evolve because we are being cool to throughout all this like dumpster fire. We are not the same people we were two years ago. And so therefore the ways in which we work, the ways, the ways in which we want to honor ourselves and our needs are different and that’s okay. And by using the moon, using the Luna cycle to help us plan our businesses, to help us recognize when we need to rest and recognize when we can create and work. That reminds us that we constantly evolving. It reminds us that we are traveling through these cycles and that by doing this, any decision we make could be the next best decision. It also helps us recognize that we are allowed to change our mind that we can go inward, right? That we can be cloaked in darkness and we can still come back. We don’t have to be on show all the time.

Melanie Knights ( 34:13 ):

The moon is really powerful and you don’t have to, you don’t have to be into terror and Oracle. You don’t have to be intro in the alcohol. You don’t have to be interested in any of these things to use the energy of the moon within your business. You can simply be interested in working more intuitively. And I think that’s incredibly freeing. I think it’s really nurturing. And it’s a really powerful way to recognize how we manifest, because sometimes again, we can forget that we have manifested those things, the power of journaling and writing down what we’re working on really helps us to capture those moments so that we can go back and go, oh yeah, I manifested this. Like here was the thing where here’s where I set the intention. Here’s the steps I took. It may have taken me a year. It may have taken me a month, however long it takes, but you manifested it and recognizing that along the way is so, so beautiful.

Melanie Knights ( 35:21 ):

So I feel like this episode went in a few different directions. This is what is when I don’t have proper notes. <Laugh> but thank you. Anyway, I know that you guys are used to this. This is how I roll, but thank you for listening in to today’s episode of planning by moon, this episode, what we’re going to, we just kind of covered it all. I wanted to introduce you to the phase that we’re currently in, talk about what we just experienced and really just help clear up some of those myths around why we would use the moon and how you can re really harness that power right now. So next week in episode 64, so we will be experiencing a full moon next week on the 16th of February, we’re gonna talk a bit about the full moon energy. We’re gonna talk about the phase that we’re in at that time.

Melanie Knights ( 36:11 ):

And we’re gonna dig into that a little bit deeper. We wanna talk about journaling during the full moon because the full moon is when it’s at its bright test, but it’s the midpoint of the lunar cycle. I think it seems really, seems really strange to think of the, I, I still, it still fascinates me that the full moon is actually not the end of the cycle. It’s the midway point. And I really love that. I love that reminder. So, and I just, when she’s a hepatitis, I am just grace and I will just stand at the window, just staring at her. And I’m like, it blows my mind that we’re all looking at the same moon even now. I don’t know. It makes me very emotional as well. So next week we’re gonna be talking about the four moon. We’re gonna be talking about ways in which you can journal and the energy of that moon.

Melanie Knights ( 36:57 ):

I’m also gonna be talking, talking about the full moon itself. So we’re experiencing a full moon in Leo. <Laugh> let me get that right. So I’m gonna talk about that energy as well and give you some journaling prompts that you can use over those coming days to help you to check in during that midpoint and then the end of the month. So the last episode for February, as I promised, we are gonna do a plan with me episode. So I’m gonna sit down and share with you how I’m planning my business for the spring, because I think this is really, really important after we chat all last month about slow business. And we talked about planning and strategizing, and I shared with you the way, ways in which I do plan ahead in the ways in which I do strategize for my business. So we’re gonna actually get into some of that.

Melanie Knights ( 37:45 ):

And I’m gonna share with you again, some practical ways in which you can incorporate that into your own business as you plan ahead for spring. And as we get ready for no, the baby lambs and the daffodils and all that good stuff. But yeah, thank you so much for listening into today’s episode, episode 63. As I said at the beginning, I, I just really appreciate every single one of you for listening, for showing up for engaging with content, the DMS you send me, especially last month, we had really great feedback for our theme for slow business. And I really, really loved having those conversations. And I mentioned this before, but if you have a particular topic that you are interested in, or if you have a guest that you would love me to chat with, or maybe you wanna be featured on the show you can a hundred percent reach out.

Melanie Knights ( 38:39 ):

Let me know what you would like to talk about on the show. We do have a booking form, but you can email me or you can send me a DM we’ll link to all of that in the show notes. And yeah, as always, if you love this show and you haven’t, I would appreciate and love. If you could leave us a Fivestar rating and review, you can now leave ratings and reviews over on Spotify as well. So I know that Spotify has had a little bit, a little bit bad press since the legend that is Neil young took all of his music off. But you can leave reviews on Spotify, on apple podcasts. So reviews and rings really help the show. It really helps us to a recognize what we’re doing really well. It also helps us to spread the word and we can share your kind words with other folks. So if you have a few minutes this week, we would absolutely love for you to send through that five star rating review. We really appreciate your listenership and I cannot wait to sit down with you next week and talk all about the four moon. So until next week, Outlaws.