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This week, as promised, we are gonna be really taking a slow and ease-filled half an hour to really dig into the full moon, it’s energy, and how we can use it to plan our business.

In February, the full moon is in Leo, also known as the snow moon, and this full moon is really asking us to take a pause. So, if you have the opportunity to pause and go and grab a journal and pen, I encourage you to do so because I am gonna be sharing some channel prompts with you in today’s episode.

At the end of this episode, it’s my hope that you’ll be ready to let go of personal limitations and ready to invite in more play and creativity to your day to day.

Topics discussed in episode #64

Topics Discussed:

  • Diving into planning under the full moon and how to prioritize taking pause and letting go of personal limitations
  • More about the Leo sign and what it means for our current energy 
  • Recognizing the collective grief from the past two years and how to see the importance of it as well as the growth that has come from it
  • Why the full moon is time to speak up and use your voice about new things that you’re working on or are excited about
  • Why right now is a time to celebrate all of the things that you’ve been working on
  • The roles that play and creativity should be playing in your business and why we need to stop looking outside of ourselves


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*This is a raw and unedited transcript.

Melanie Knights (00:02):

Hey Outlaws, how's it going this week? That's really what I wanna focus on. I wanna focus on you and how your week has been and how your month is going. And even how these fast, what six or seven weeks of 2022 have been for you. It's really hard to say 20, 22. I don't know if everybody else is feeling that way as well, but this week is promised we are gonna be really taking a slow and ease filled, hopefully, maybe half an hour to really just dig to what this full moon that we've just experienced to be listening to this in real time. The moon in Leo, February full moon, also known as the snow moon. This full moon is really asking us to take pause. So I have a candle lit right now, as I'm talking to you and we are just gonna dive in, right?

Melanie Knights (00:57):

No intro, nothing. We're just gonna get started. If you need to grab a channel, take a moment to pause and go and do that. Obviously, if you are listening to this whilst you are driving or walking, please do not please concentrate on where you're walking and driving. But if you have the opportunity to pause and go and grab a journal on pen, I encourage you to do so because I am gonna be sharing some channel prompts with you in today's episode. So a little bit about this full moon that we have just experienced. It's in the sign of Leo. The Leo sign is that lion, right? It's, it's all about releasing our inner lion. Now we have just come out of some very intense and some intense astrological energy and a lot of re introspective opportunities and times where we are probably really digging into not probably, I mean, for me, when am I not digging into this?

Melanie Knights (01:58):

Right. But digging into our feelings and how much we have experie it's over the last couple of years. I've talked about this before, I think the last two years or so have kind of ripped us open in these ways that I certainly haven't even fully processed yet. And I feel like because we are still going through so much of this and living through so much of this change. And because of that, we are experiencing this almost this grief in real time, we're still experiencing this prolonged grief for maybe our lives and what they once were. And some of us are experiencing grief of loved ones and people who we have lost. And so this collective grief still exists. And I feel that we should always, I personally feel that we should highlight that. I think that that's still very important because it's still very relevant, but also I want to encourage us to look at how much we have grown as individuals as a collective, how much we have grown in the last couple of years, because I can handle heart say that I am no way the same person that I was in the end of 29 and early 2020.

Melanie Knights (03:21):

I have evolved so much. And of course, because I have evolved so much of my business has evolved my passions, the things I offer my business feels like it's taken a complete pivot in the last couple of years. And I love that, but I also think it's important for us to slow down and take some time to kind of take some inventory. Stock, take look, all the things that we've created. And this is something that I've been talking about with my, if you hang out with me in your inbox, you know that I've been talking about this over there, because I heard this, this phrase, this idea of going deeper, digging deeper, having a year of going deeper. And whilst, I don't know, right now I can commit to an entire year of not creating anything new right now. I feel that on a soul level, digging deeper, going deeper into all the things I've already created and really giving them the opportunity to speak up and be nurtured and sharing it with more people.

Melanie Knights (04:26):

So this full moon, this energy that we are experiencing right now, it is really that release, right? We are hopefully in potentially releasing the personal limitations that we have put on ourselves, right? We all have those things that we, where we hold ourselves back a little bit or the edge of our comfort zones. And we don't, we're not, you know, I don't wanna ever encourage or force anybody to step out of a comfort zone. That's really not what I do. I encourage us to look at what is at the edge of our comfort zone and look at ways in which, especially if it's something we actually want to, we're really excited about or something we wanna work towards. How can we maybe expand our comfort zone and welcome that thing in, on our own terms, rather than having to step out of our comfort zone and put ourself into a position where we may feel more anxiety.

Melanie Knights (05:27):

Because I think again, because of the last couple of years, anxiety is already at a high. We already feel very tense and unsettled just because of external factors that we cannot always control. And I think if we can lovingly expand our, our comfort zones, that is a way in which we can still grow, right. We can still grow, we can still evolve, but we can do it on our own terms. And often that means maybe slowing down and taking these regular times to check in with ourselves. So the full moon is really a milestone, right? It's this midway point in the Luna cycle. Okay. So we talked about this back in episode 62 63 last week, we talked about it last week, get your together. Melanie, we talked about at it last week that there were eight phases of the moon cycle and the full moon is actually the midway point.

Melanie Knights (06:22):

It's when the moon is at its brightest. The new moon is when the moon is at its darkest, and that is the start of the next cycle. So because the full moon is at its brightest. Some of you may be experiencing higher energy. I wanna really kind of hold onto that and really use that in the coming days. The full moon energy can really be a wonderful time to kind of go out there and execute whatever it is that you've been working on. So if you've been looking at launching something or you have a project that you've been working on, you really wanna start talking about it. Now might the time to really go out and do that really speak up and advocate for your voice because this full moon energy can really have us feeling quite buzzy. And the fact that it's a, a Leo full moon is going to kind of add to that energy as well.

Melanie Knights (07:11):

So the Leo full moon energy also asks us to look at play and creates and explore. And I mean, I love those words. I think those words are so, are so important and they're things that we don't always do. I know that I really struggle to quote, know how to play. I think for me, creativity is a form of play. That's very much where I prob where I get a lot of my play from but exploring new ways to be rates of exploring new ideas in your business or new ways of wing and refusing to accept those things that are holding us back refusing to accept those limitations, right. You know, Aquarius and Leo are opposing signs and aquas are, or Aquarius as a SOC sign. You know, the trade are very much about humanitarian purposes doing what is right and not what is easy.

Melanie Knights (08:04):

Yes. They can come across as quite cold and as if they're not in touch with their feelings which I can advocate and say, that's not the case at all. We very much feel our feelings, but we don't always do it in real time. And Leo is really like passionate sign and very much focused on, as I said, like that inner release, that kind of raw that you kind of feel. And I think coming those two signs coming together is really, really powerful. Now this full moon that we are experiencing has Fullen at the end of Aquarius season. So we are about to head into a new Zodiac season into piecy season. So we are gonna be feeling some more feelings guys. We are gonna be feeling some more feelings during icy season because piecy calls us to really dig even deeper into our intuition, really listen to our intuition and allow their voice to speak up.

Melanie Knights (09:04):

So I wanna just come back to something I mentioned a moment ago, which is about this idea of digging deeper. As I said, if we're hanging out in your inbox, this is something you've already seen me talking about. And it's been really sitting with me at a soul level, this idea of digging deeper into what we've already created. Even when we live in the slow lane, even when we are running and building and growing a slow business, it can be really easy to kind of bypass all the things that we have already created. When I think about how much content we create as a individuals who are running businesses, it's astonishing. And so often we create that stuff and we kind of just let it go. We just like we published it. It's done. Right? No, go back. I encourage you now to kind of take that time to go back and look at what you've already created.

Melanie Knights (09:49):

Dig deeper into those things that you have. Maybe you've shared them and you have a new spin on it, or you have a new take on it or something that you really want to. You just wanna repost that, do it right. Do it, do it in a different way, do it in the same way, do it on your times. But I really encourage you to dig deeper. You don't have to take an entire year off from creating, but you've already created so much. And you have the opportunity to look at what you've already created objectively and actually pull from that rather than constantly having to think up of think up new ideas. So the other thing about this full moon energy is that it's really a celebration, right? It's this milestone, it's this celebration. It's a time to check in. It's the midpoint through the, as Luna cycle you've been working on your intentions.

Melanie Knights (10:39):

Now you might have that really high energy, and you're ready to really execute these things and talk about them and show up. But I want you to really celebrate everything you've already been working on, not just in the last couple of weeks, since we had our new moon in Ali, February, but also since the beginning of this, you year since the last 12 months, since 2019 or whatever you wanna celebrate, maybe it's this week. I want you to encourage you to write a list of things that you are celebrating right now in your businesses. What are you celebrating? The time are just set 11, 11. So that means that we must be, this is the right track, okay. This is the right track. So write a list of things you're celebrating right now in your business. It doesn't have to be this big, massive list, but think of some things that you can celebrate in your business right now, and spend some time channeling on that, it may be things that have happened this week to dare.

Melanie Knights (11:38):

It may be this month, as I said, go back. As far as you choose to, I also encourage you to sit down and really dig into these personal limitations. So if you have been journaling with me for a while, you may have already been doing some of this work, looking at places and where you've been holding yourself back. If you are very aware of your, your strengths and weaknesses and the things where you can sometimes get in your own way, again, this is something I've been talking about in my, in my email newsletters. I'm hyper aware of what my weaknesses are. I also know what my strength, I don't always play on them, but I am self-aware to a fault. And I know that so many of you probably are as well. We can be hyper aware of what we're doing or what we're working on.

Melanie Knights (12:24):

And I really think that being in self audit mode is very helpful for me. It isn't helpful for everybody, but I encourage you to spend the some time. And I've got a question for you, which is which, or what personal limitations are you still holding onto that no longer serve you, which personal limitations are you still holding onto, which no longer serves you. And is this something that you can release now right today? Is it something that you can journal about and explore? Are you already aware of what these are? Is this something that you need to spend the next couple of weeks journaling on? Or maybe you need to give it consistent attention. Maybe this is a longer process. There is no right or wrong answer. It's going to probably depends on how long you've been focused on these limitations on these blocks or these ways in which you may be holding yourself back.

Melanie Knights (13:25):

And of course I'm not a trauma informed coach. So if you need to go outward and look for other help, absolutely do that. I, that when it comes to journaling and especially in relation to our businesses, are there ways in which we are stopping ourselves from moving in the right direction? Maybe we are so busy all the time that we don't take a moment to just breathe and look at what we've created. Maybe we are not able to even hear our intuition because we're always on the go this practice. Even if you only spend today doing it, or, you know, the next half an hour, whilst we are talking on this episode together, even giving yourself that time, it's gonna open up the opportunity. It's gonna open up the possibility of having this conversation with yourself, which is really what handling is. I see journaling as a way of having these conversations with myself and having these conversations with the different parts of me, the different voices, the different ways in which I approach my life. You know, the different passions I have. I see this as an opportunity to dig into all of those things with a pen and paper per now, the other thing I want you to think about is how will it feel?

Melanie Knights (14:46):

How will it feel to work on releasing this? You know, whatever this personal limitation or limitations, there's more than one R how will it feel to work on releasing these to be intentionally and actively working on shifting the way in which you approach your work or in the way in which you approach your business, or, you know, the speed of which you run your business, whatever it might be, what will change, what will change for you? What will change for your income? What will change for your, your communities? What will change for your clients or customers? It's not always, when we, when we change these ways of working, it's not always obvious that it's not, it's not just going to change how we feel. It can change how other people feel. It can change how we welcome people into our businesses or into our lives.

Melanie Knights (15:38):

And I think that's really important to recognize, and it's such a wonderful way to explore the idea of what is possible, right? What is possible when we change the way we work and we release these things that are no longer serving us now is such a wonderful time to check in with your February intentions. So if you set some goals or intentions for this month, what were they check in with them? Have a look back through your journal, your planner, or maybe you've got them somewhere on you know, a son or a tr or wherever it is that you put your goals, have a little look back through those goals and intentions and check in with yourself, check in with how they're going, how you're feeling about them. What's been working, what hasn't been working. This is that midway point where if you've been working with them and everything feels aligned, cool, keep going.

Melanie Knights (16:31):

But maybe you feel disconnected. UN set, right? Unsettled is the word that I've been using just recently in my own business feeling kind of buzzy. Haven't been able to put my finger on it. And now as I've started to work through that, I'm recognizing, oh, this is why I feel unsettled because for 12 months, I've just wanted to create. I've been in full creation mode, one thing after the next, and now I'm a little bit tired. I have creative fatigue and whilst I can still draw and channel and write and create, I don't wanna create anything new. I'm not ready to create a new project right now. This is why I'm digging deeper. I may do a whole over episode next month on this digging deeper idea. So check in with your February intentions, how's it going? What's working or not. And where do you maybe need to realign and just shift things slightly to get back into alignment for the rest of this cycle.

Melanie Knights (17:30):

And because this full moon in Leo is calling us to play and explore, and eight, I want you to ask yourself how you can add more play and creativity into your business this week. How can you add more play and creativity into your business this week? What does that look like? Right. Maybe you're not sure what playing creativity looks like in your business. Start there. What does playing creativity look like for you and your business? And if you're not sure, then you've got a really big journaling per prompts that you can dig into. And it can be really juicy because it's really, really wonderful. When we start to understand what playing creativity looks like, there is no right or wrong answer, right? There is no right or wrong answer for this. And I think that's really important as a reminder, because so often we feel like it has to look a sad or a, because we are bombarded with information on a regular basis.

Melanie Knights (18:34):

And every time we open our phones, there is someone telling us how we should be doing something. These should questions are, they're just like a, a, they're a killer in the business coaching industry and in the online business industry. Because when we are looking outside of ourselves for what does play look like? What does, what should my hobbies be? What kind of entrepreneur should I be when we're looking outside of ourselves and asking these should questions, we're looking for a prescriptive answer. So instead of looking outside of ourselves, come back to yourself, grab that channel, grab that pen and take some time, even a few minutes each day, to really dig into what this looks like for you and your business. If you need support and help with journaling prompts, the outlaw channel is really an extension of these kinds of conversations that we have here on the podcast.

Melanie Knights (19:26):

And the outlaw journal has 12 weeks worth of prompt. I'm trying to remember, I should really know this 12 weeks worth of prompts. And I think it's over 160 prompts that you can dig into. And the Aller journal isn't prescriptive. They're very, this, it tortured me during the process because I was like, I don't wanna prescribe how you use this. And so you can, you know, you are someone who needs to start at the beginning and work your way through it. That's fine. If you want to just open up a page and go with that journal prompt for the day. And remember that that's what you needed do that maybe you wanna work through a section. There are six sections within the journal, and you can dig into a section at a time, whatever you are being to do. I'll put the link to the outlaw journal in the show notes, but the outlaw journal is a really wonderful guide for business journaling. We focus entirely on your business and how you feel about your business and what your own values are and why you run your business in this way.

Melanie Knights (20:29):

So this Leo full moon, there's gonna be some really fiery energy. You may have really high energy. And then we are entering piecy season, which means we are gonna be digging into our intuition. We're gonna be maybe feeling a little bit more emotional and in touch with our emotions, but that's okay. Use this as a wonderful time for reflection. And as we head towards that new moon as your energy, may it may dip, right? I talked about this before. We cannot say that everyone's energy dips on the new moon, but it may dip on the new moon and you may wanna go inwards and really reflect, look at what your intentions are for that next cycle, what your intentions are for March and what you wanna work on as we enter into spring, and hopefully start to see some of that sun and, you know, the flowers and the beds and the days get longer.

Melanie Knights (21:23):

All of that kind of beautiful association with that new season. So we've done it. We've done less than 30 minutes. I'm really proud. Let me just say, but I also wanted to mention that that next week we're going to be doing a slightly different style of episode. I'm gonna be doing a plan with me episode. This isn't something I've done before, so we'll see how it goes. But we're going to be doing a plan with me for spring episode. So I am gonna be digging into a new copy of my planner, planning by the moon. This is a planner that I created and the self-published at the end of 2021, you can buy your own copy. I will give you the link in the show notes, so that as well you can buy it directly through and it's shipped from them, but you can use that planning by the moon planner, excuse me, to really integrate creativity and journaling and content planning.

Melanie Knights (22:21):

And we kind of take all three of those things and bring it together. It is really a journal and excuse me, a journal and planner high. And we really use the lunar cycle and the moon to guide us. So you could, if you want, if you're interested and would like to purchase a copy of planning by the moon, we will link to that because you can grab a copy and that way you'll have it ready for either next week when we plan together also E for March and for the spring and that new moon there'll be more information about planning by the moon in the show notes and also on my Instagram as well. So take these journal prompts from today. We're gonna put the journal prompts in the show notes. So if you didn't have chance to write them down, that's okay. You can head over to Melanie knights.com/podcast. You'll see the latest episode today, and you'll be able to grab those journal prompts from there next week. We're gonna be planning together for the spring, and I am really excited to explore this new way of recording. So have a great rest of your week, have a great moon, and I will speak to you next time I Outlaws and.