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The Entrepreneurial Outlaws Trailer

This is Entrepreneurial Outlaws! A podcast for creatives, introverts, empaths, and spiritual folks who want to grow a sustainable and impactful business on their own terms.

I’ve been running an online business since 2016, and my business has pivoted and evolved many times over the past 4 years… I’ve learned a lot… invested a lot of money in coaching… and still felt like I was spinning my wheels.

After 3 years of hamster wheeling my business, I realised something; most traditional business and marketing strategies haven’t worked for me.

And, maybe, this was less about ME and more about the regurgitated strategies I had been taught… So, I decided to “show up” in my business on my own terms and start sharing what was on my mind and my heart.

Guess what? There are a lot of business owners just like you and I, who are tired of all the fluffy business strategy, fake FOMO and misleading marketing on their feeds.

This show, Entrepreneurial Outlaws is paving the way for a new normal in online marketing and business, one that allows you to lean into what makes you and your business unique.

I’m your host on this journey, Melanie Knights.

Story Teller… Pinterest Strategist… Visibility Coach… and CEO of Content Alchemy Marketing, a non traditional marketing agency for creative business owners who don’t want to compromise their creative integrity to make money.

Get ready as each week I bring you the REAL, honest and transparent conversations about marketing your online business and being an introverted and outlaw entrepreneur in a space that wants us to conform, fit in and follow the rules.

I’m here to uncover the REAL stories behind what it takes to run a sustainable online business — the highs, lows and everything in between…

So, if you are ready to break the rules and become an Entrepreneurial Outlaw, I have a couple asks;

The first is that you subscribe to the show, go hit that subscribe button wherever you’re listening so that you get notified when new episodes air…

The second is if you’re nodding and thinking SHIT this is me, would you leave a review? I’d love for the outlaws to make waves in the podcasting space…

And finally, if you’re ready to dive into becoming an entrepreneurial outlaw with me, head to my website and download the manifesto. You can find here.

I am so excited to be in your ears today, and can’t wait to dive deeper into this journey with you.

Cheers to doing business differently.

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