The Outlaw LUNAR Journal

A 12-month undated new moon and full moon journaling practice for entrepreneurs who crave less hustle in their business goals.

Inside this beautiful soft bound journal, you will find all that you need to get started with a twice a month lunar journaling practice. We are surrounded by cycles, and the moon cycle provides an opportunity each month to slow down, pause, release and then create new intentions for the cycle ahead.

The Outlaw Lunar Journal is a 12-month undated journal designed to support spiritual entrepreneurs and the woo curious business owner with a cyclical business journaling practice. It is a sacred space for capturing your personal and professional thoughts, feelings and deepest wishes for your business and life.

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Included in this guided journal:

A lunar wheel to capture the dates of each new moon and full moon

12x rebel reminders and quotes

12x new moon journaling sections

12x full moon journaling sections

84 x Journal prompts

 A reference list of spiritual, astrological and cyclical businesses

New moon and full moon journal prompts to support your practice

About the Author:

Melanie Knights is a self-published author, anti bro-marketing mentor and host of the podcast Entrepreneurial Outlaws. She supports creative business owners to build successful and fulfilling, soul-aligned, inclusive businesses. Melanie describes her work as being the entrepreneurial intersection of strategy, spirituality and self-inquiry – she advocates for building a business that serves your lifestyle on your terms, inspiring you to rewrite the usual marketing rules rather than trying to fit yourself into a box. Ever inspired by her deep love for the storytelling found in Country, Americana and Folk music, Melanie continues to pave new and exciting paths for her business whilst challenging the status quo of modern entrepreneurship.